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Why Precision Aerobatics?

Precision Aerobatics is a sport where precision and skill are used to perform aerial maneuvers with a radio controlled model aircraft. These aerial maneuvers are flown in an aerobatic box.

The aerobatic box is a vertical plane which is set at a distance of 150 meters. The length of the box is set by lines extending 60 degrees on either side of a centre line. The resultant aerobatic box is 520 meters by 259 meters. The height of the box is not to exceed an angle of 60 degrees.  The pilot operates his model aircraft from the centre line.



The aerial maneuvers include components such as loops, spins, snap rolls, rolls, lines and stall turns, which are flown in predetermined sequences (schedules).  These maneuvers are either performed in the centre of the aerobatic box (centre maneuver) or at the either end of the box (turnaround maneuver).  The end maneuvers are called turnaround maneuvers because the direction of flight is reversed during the end maneuvers.

The aerial maneuvers are flown in predetermined sequences (schedules). The schedules are flown as five different classes, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters and F3A. The 4 lower level schedules are governed by the Precision Aerobatics Committee. The hardest schedule is set by Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) and is also used in international and world competitions.

The schedules are designed with building blocks in mind so that the pilots learn basic skills before moving on to a longer and harder schedule. The schedules allow for pilots with similar abilities to be competitive with each other. In Precision Aerobatics the aerial maneuvers performed are subjectively scored by a panel of judges.

Below you can see a group of modified Crickets trainers that were flown in the Intermediate class. Intermediate is the next higher class from Sportsman. The two main requirements at these levels are a properly trimmed plane with adequate power.


There are restrictions on the models for precision aerobatic competitions.  The models are limited to 2 meters in wing span and length. They are also restricted to a dry weight of 5 kg.  Engine size is unlimited.

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Regarding Chilliwack Pattern Primer..

Chilliwack Pattern Primer

In October, when Ron Dodd and I talked about putting on a Pattern Primer, I thought that if we could attract four to six pilots, and one or two actually took up Pattern, we would have achieved our goal. Did I ever underestimate the interest in the Fraser Valley. We had eighteen pilots sign in, and I think we will have at least three or four new pilots competing this year.

On top of that, when I asked the Pattern community for help, I was inundated with support. Twelve pilots in all, for a total of thirty attendees. Chad Northeast, Canada’s number one Precision Aerobatic pilot, came from Calgary for the weekend. Mike Allman drove down from Vernon for the day. Dave Reaville and Mark and Syd Byrne came over from the Island. Paul Bedford and Ron Kennedy up from Maple Ridge. Special thanks to Ron for the call cards, a stellar job as always.

Phil Murray, Andrew Beranek, Paul Dries, Scott Esplen, and Mike Eyre came to help and brought planes to test and trim for the up coming season.

The morning started with Chad, Mike and I talking about the many aspects of Precision Aerobatics. Then we had demo flights by Ron, Paul, Mike and Chad. Next we broke into groups and went over setup, trim and then tried some trim flights. Trim flights were difficult as the wind was strong and blowing across the runway. All in all, I think it was a very successful event. I look forward to hosting this event again.

Special thanks to Ron Dodd and the Fraser Valley R/C Flyers for the use of their field on Saturday.

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When it comes buying an RC helicopter, there are several things you have to consider. But considering your busy schedule, how will you be able to assess the product based on your preferences? You need to see a catalog of these products or any document that could provide you the details. That is why reviews are created to give you such access to the important information of different product- and yes that include for RC helicopters. Specific reasons why there is a need to look for these reviews is discussed on the contents below.

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    • Material. Reviews do feature the type of material the product is made of. Most RC helicopters are made of plastic and lightweight metal or combination of these. When the toy is mainly made from metallic material, there is a chance that it can’t fly that high because of its weight. Meanwhile, this material is durable and could resist environmental stresses such as hitting on trees and other hard objects.
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    • Remote control. There are two types of remote control you’ll get an encounter with this electronic helicopter. The usual one which comes with buttons and the one operated with stick and throttle. The latter one gives you the feeling of driving the helicopter yourself. Sounds awesome yes!
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